The Voodoo

The Voodoo

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Pure big-carp magic!
The best fishmeal I could make.
Absolutely no expense was spared!

A highly stimulatory, nutritious, digestible, and palatable fishmeal and liver base mix designed to break down extremely quickly via high levels of solubles and plenty of texture.
This provides unparalleled attraction and draws fish in from much further away than other boilies.

There really is nothing else like this on the market. Not even close.
Now the downside of all this soluble attraction is that you will need to use a hookbait mix (see drop down menu above) if you need the bait to stay on the hair for a decent amount of time.

After three hours in the water, the bait will be fairly mushy.
After 24 hours it will have broken down and not resemble a boilie at all!

The Voodoo is made up of hydrolysed fishmeal, low-temperature fish meals, hydrolysed liver, marine products, and select feed stimulants alongside lots of kelp, yeasts, nutrients, and other goodies!
This mix just works phenomenally well and is so incredibly different from what the rest of the market has to offer. I can’t stress that enough.

Absolutely no flavour is needed with this mix but personally I do use them in very low levels alongside a liquid food.
Recipes available upon ordering or request…