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If you want a proper old-school milk protein mix fused with high levels of super attractive modern hydrolysed milks- you are in the right place…

HydroMilk is loaded with expensive but incredibly effective hydrolysed casein and whey proteins as well as more traditional refined milks such as calcium caseinate, rennet casein, and WPC80. On top of this I add plenty of digestive aids and roughage to increase assimilation and digestion by carp.

Getting the levels of hydrolysed milks as high as I wanted them was a challenge to say the least and has taken countless tweaks and seemingly endless testing periods to get right.

The inherent issue with high milk protein baits has always been digestibility, the carp just simply aren’t able to digest all that goodness which leads to them eating far less bait and getting “clogged up”.
We have overcome this with the unique Digestamilk™ system, without it this mix would simply not be possible.

The end result is a highly digestible yet highly refined milk bait that passes through the carp whilst the proteins and other nutrients efficiently break down in the carps gut tract.

HydroMilk is also loaded with BCAA’s which big old carp seem to need to hunt out in order to maintain their size and health.

This mix will work straight away with great results and continue to get better and better as there are several habit-forming compounds at high levels (mainly casomorphins and lactomorphins).

Due to the high levels of very expensive milk proteins this is far from a cheap mix. The good news is that you'll need to use far less than you would with a normal bait, making the real-world cost on par with standard-priced baits.

If you’re after something special that is super different from what everyone else is using, this is it…