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Our legendary Blackcurrant with extra Buchu/Skunk oil is back, and it’s here to stay…

The secret weapon of numerous well known anglers (no names will be mentioned!), this potent flavour has only been sold “under the counter” due to a limited supply of the finest skunk/buchu essential oil.

Now that supply issues are no longer a threat I can offer this flavour safe in the knowledge it will be here to stay.

Several people believe this is the best flavour ever made (yes, really).

Do I agree?

I really don’t know, all I know is that I am incredibly proud of it and I know it will continue to be held in the highest regard by all who use it.

Made with VERY high levels of the finest skunk/buchu E.O available, it smells incredible, tastes incredible, and has a knack of catching incredible carp.

WARNING- this is a very strong flavour! Only small amounts are needed.

PG based. 100ml